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Added by Reuben Sweeting 6 days ago

Without any meaningful rain this week, the river levels have continued to drop to summer lows and in response, anglers have adopted summer tactics to winkle out 4 fish in what has been a pretty tough week. Lack of wind during early morning stints compounded the issue but did allow for some exciting Icelandic-style sight fishing that resulted in all the action except the photo!

Next week’s rods will welcome both the wind forecast for the start of the week and the sightings of fresh fish on recent tides. I’m sure some rain would be equally well received.

Sunday 13th June 2021

Added by Reuben Sweeting 1 week ago

The conditions have proved difficult on the river for anglers this week as dwindling water levels and blue skies ensured fish kept their heads down during the day. With a little water remaining at the start of the week fish showed at least some interest but, as was the case towards the end of the previous week, failed to commit fully as numerous fish were lost. Mike Sanders contributed greatly to the weekly tally of 5 fish by using his low water experience to enjoy sport on most days.

Early morning and evening sessions are likely to prove most effective for next week's anglers as we wait for the rain to stir things up.

Sunday 6th June 2021

Added by Reuben Sweeting 2 weeks ago

Following torrential rain on Monday that put a stop to fishing from mid-day, the river was lifted over the gauges to peak at 4.5 feet in the late afternoon and set up the water for the week ahead. Good fishing followed for the next few days as water and overhead conditions remained favourable, but the arrival of the sun from Friday afternoon slowed the action considerably - morning and late evenings still proving productive. With close to as many fish lost as caught, the final tally of 25 fish could have been very different but it was a week of quality, not quantity!

Sunday 30th May 2021

Added by Reuben Sweeting 3 weeks ago

Although the water levels have remained favourable this week the fishing has proved tough at times with the cold, easterly wind continuing to keep temperatures well below the average and a day-time low of 3°C recorded on Thursday. Again, the quality of the salmon caught was exceptional with a high proportion of 3SW fish. The first connection with a grilse was made on Saturday but unfortunately, as is often the case, it was all too brief.

Sunday 23rd May 2021

Added by Reuben Sweeting 1 month ago

This week’s anglers already thought their luck was in as they began fishing on Monday with the river sitting at 12” and, more importantly, with fish cooperating. However, two further rises of levels during the week ensured good water remained as the rods make the most of the conditions tallying up 31 fish in the process.

With the water holding up well and conditions still looking favourable there is much hope for next week’s anglers.

Sunday 16th May 2021
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