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Added by Reuben Sweeting 1 day ago

As can only be expected following such a long, dry spell lasting since May, the additional water this week made the river extremely dirty during the first half of the week, and coupled with the bright overhead conditions, fishing was much slower during this time. With better overall conditions for the final three days, anglers found fish to be much more responsive and enjoyed the luxury of being able to swing a fly in flowing water once again! I’m sure that the 34 fish landed will encourage next week’s anglers too.

Sunday 19th September 2021

Added by Reuben Sweeting 1 week ago

There will have been very few anglers either already in the North or about to visit who were not watching this week’s weather forecast with huge amounts of hope and even anticipation…. Unfortunately, like so often this season, the rain amounted to much less than the experts had predicted with the result being an 8-inch rise overnight on Saturday. On a positive note, although not a roaring spate this is the largest rise in water levels since May!

Another positive note was the 12 fish anglers managed to land this week, in spite of the fact that a few days were effectively lost through soaring temperatures and lack of wind.

Sunday 12th September 2021

Added by Reuben Sweeting 2 weeks ago

While continuing to adopt unorthodox tactics, and aided by the cloud cover, anglers managed to tempt another 6 fish this week. Unfortunately, as the week progressed, the river levels dropped further and the wind was lost resulting in lower fishing effort.

Having now slipped into September, the chance of more unsettled weather increases and with it, the hope of a real change in conditions does too. Anglers will be watching next week’s forecast with great interest – and hope!

Sunday 5th September 2021

Added by Reuben Sweeting 3 weeks ago

To add to the challenge of the continued low water, anglers were faced with bright sun, rising water temperatures, and a complete lack of wind this week. Unsurprisingly, fish showed little interest for the majority of the week with even the trout parties finding a lack of cooperation. Finally, with better overhead conditions on Saturday fish became more responsive resulting in 2 fish being landed. With little sign of rain on the forecast, we can only hope that enough wind and cloud develop to help next week’s rods.

Sunday 29th August 2021

Added by Reuben Sweeting 4 weeks ago

Proceedings began this week with 2 inches registering on the gauge which, given the average water height over the summer, almost looked like a spate! This extra water, strong winds, and favourable cloud cover gave anglers reasonable conditions as they landed 29 fish for the week.

Sunday 22nd August 2021
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