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We would be very grateful if anglers would download the catch return form below, fill it in, and return it to reuben@strathhalladale.com at the end of their fishing on the Halladale.

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Added by Reuben Sweeting 2 days ago

Once again, fish were found to be most responsive during the first two days this week when helped immensely by better overhead conditions and a favourable wind anglers at least experienced lots of action. As the week progressed the weather did nothing to help efforts and success was limited to those anglers who were willing to put the hours in early and late. The tally of 5 fish could have been significantly more was it not for the seemingly amazing ability of grilse to evade capture!

Sunday 26th June 2022

Added by Reuben Sweeting 1 week ago

Despite adverse conditions, fish seemed fairly responsive at the beginning of the week as close to half of the weekly total was accounted for on Monday alone. Unfortunately, this cooperation was short-lived as success dwindled and anglers had to work hard to tally up 8 fish for the week.

Sunday 19th June 2022

Added by Reuben Sweeting 2 weeks ago

Grilse caught outnumbered salmon for the first time this season as anglers registered 14 fish for the week. The bright and still weather during the first 3 days made for challenging conditions with early and late fishing rewarded. As the weather changed towards the weekend bringing strong winds, fish became more responsive even during more sociable hours.

Sunday 12th June 2022

Added by Reuben Sweeting 3 weeks ago

Greeted with good conditions at the start of the week, anglers made the most of the extra flow and cloud cover to score well on Monday and Tuesday. Although fish continued to be caught every day, the threat of sunshine and blue skies materialised and had the inevitable effect throughout the rest of the week. Amongst the 32 fish landed were a sprinkling of grilse with good numbers also seen running through.

Sunday 5th June 2022

Added by Reuben Sweeting 4 weeks ago

The rain finally arrived last weekend in sufficient amounts, lifting the river to 24 inches overnight on Sunday and breaking the previous month's drought. Unsurprisingly, fishing began a little slowly on Monday morning as fish adjusted to the water levels and began moving between pools. As the water and fish settled, the action began and fantastic sport was experienced throughout the rest of the week with a total of 59 salmon landed.

A couple of smaller rises during the week have helped to keep the water raised and will be most welcome by next week's anglers who will find the river in excellent condition.

Sunday 29th May 2022

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