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Added by Reuben Sweeting 6 days ago

Proceedings began with wall-to-wall sunshine and the gauges reading marginally below zero. Still, through some fortunate showers, the river height climbed slowly through the course of the week, and better all-round conditions helped to end the week on a high note. The weekly total of 21 fish was boosted by 10 landed on Saturday alone.

Sunday 7th August 2022

Added by Reuben Sweeting 1 week ago

Having missed much of the promised rain over the weekend, as anglers arrived last Sunday the river was still running below zero and with large sections blanketed with weed, the prospects looked bleak for the week ahead. Fortunately, some heavy downpours fell in the upper reaches during the evening and the subsequent rise in water was the largest since May peaking at 22 inches.

As expected, the river ran incredibly dirty with such a large amount of weed to clear and fishing was all but stopped on Monday while waiting for the water to settle. The following days produced some fantastic sport to give a weekly total of 81 fish and a week to remember for many.

Sunday 31st July 2022

Added by Reuben Sweeting 2 weeks ago

Soaring water temperatures of 22°C during the early half of the week switched off both fish and anglers. The hope of rain which was promised by the forecasters again failed to raise the river sufficiently but did help, along with more agreeable weather conditions, to bring the water temperatures down which livened proceedings and enabled 5 fish to be caught.

Presently, we wait in hope that this evening the forecasters have it right for once.

Sunday 24th July 2022

Added by Reuben Sweeting 3 weeks ago

With challenging conditions such as those experienced during the past week, it's often difficult to remain positive. However, it's worth noting that all parties fishing the river managed to catch fish - an achievement never guaranteed even in good conditions - and again the final tally of 22 exceeded many expectations.

Sunday 17th July 2022

Added by Reuben Sweeting 1 month ago

Following last weekend's rise in water levels, anglers found the river in good shape on Monday morning and were blessed further as rain during the day helped to ensure that levels remained favourable for the remainder of the week. Generally, conditions were suited for fishing with only a couple of bright days to slow the action though the wind did prove tricky at times. The final tally of 37 fish could have been considerably higher given the number of lost fish but this is often the case with grilse.

Sunday 10th July 2022

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